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Karizma Agency, “An agency with vision.”
Our philosophies revolve around the contribution to the building of a strong grass roots live scene, creating healthy touring environments promoting fairness to both performer and venue alike while working in partnership with many, enabling the betterment of our music industry as a whole.

Since it’s inception, Karizma Agency has grown to be a major player in the Canadian music scene, touring some of Canada’s largest headlining acts as well as brightest rising stars, while continuing to build new markets and venues.

In 2010 Karizma embarked into the world of major concert promotions working with everyone from Nitty Gritty Dirt Band to Alice Cooper, providing concert ‚Äécontent to secondary and tertiary markets across Western Canada. Karizma Concerts was born and continues to deliver big shows to small towns.

The company continues to branch out into many other arenas such as live production, event management, marketing, artist development and consultation…

Karizma Agency was founded in 2003 by standing CEO and president Randy J Martin.